Differences between HCG Injections and Oral Drops

Published: 27th May 2010
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There are, presently, two ways to administer the hcg hormone - hcg injections and oral drops. The oral diet drops do away with the foremost difficulties associated with injections and lessens you weight loss cost considerably. You can do away with the time-consuming day-to-day formulations required by the injections and more importantly you do not have to experience the dread of needles ever again.

The oral drops owing to the convenience of use are slowly supplanting injection as the principal way of hcg hormone administration. It can be done anywhere, within the comfort of your abode, in your place of work, almost anywhere. In contrast, you can only conduct the shots in limited places; in your home or in a clinic since it requires an environment utterly devoid of any kind of impure materials which can result to contamination. The shots are easily contaminated. Besides the convenience of the hcg drops, it has another advantage which makes it all the more attractive to the overweight and obsess. The cost of the diet drops is much lower than the injections. Moreover, it provides you with the means to lower you total weight loss expenses even further, since you do not need syringes, mixing kits and solvents for your 3x a day hcg hormone absorption.

Like the injected hcg, however, you have to be watchful in purchasing the diet drops. You will discover numerous sellers attempting to exploit individuals who cannot wait to buy the hormone diet drops. You just need a little of you time to find out if the vendor you are thinking of buying the hormone drops is legitimate or not. The additional time allocated for a background check can save you a lot of grief in the event you unfortunately purchased an inferior product.

The method of hormone ingestion, nonetheless, is not as crucial as the hcg diet itself, except if cash is an important concern for you. The diet requires diligent preparation as your resolve will be surely be tested. It is not a simple diet plan to abide with. It limits your calorie consumption to five hundred calories on a daily basis. Meals will mostly be made up of foods which are packed with proteins and fibers. This diet is believed responsible for initiating the capacity of the consumed hormone to change your metabolic rate, adequately enhancing it for more efficient fat burning duties.

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